​Spanish Railway Technological Platform (PTFE)

The Spanish Railways Technological Platform (PTFE) is an industry-led tool at the service of the railways sector, set up to define a “long-term vision” and the “Strategic Research Agenda”, with the aim of achieving the scientific and technological advances required to ensure the competitiveness, sustainability and growth in the Spanish railway sector. Its main mission is to align the strategies of the various agents, concentrate R&D and innovation efforts, and reduce the fragmentation of research fields. It has defined the “Strategic Research Agenda for the Railways Sector”, which is permanently being updated.

The PTFE takes part at the European Rail Research Advisory Council (ERRAC) and its aim is to strengthen the position of the Spanish railway industry in Europe.

In the PTFE has 276 members, of which 68% are companies, 5% railway managers and operators, 8% universities, 10% research and technology centres, 3% public administrations, and 6% foundations and associations.

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