The World Congress on Railway Research is the worlds’ leading international event focussing on railway research, developments and innovations. Every two to three years, it brings together hundreds of railway researchers and the users of research from across the world to share developments and best practice. The best research papers from around the world are selected by an international committee from those submitted to be presented at each congress. These papers represent a cross-section of the work being undertaken in the many different countries, covering all aspects of railway engineering, operations, management and policy.

The formation of WCRR took place at a railway research and development workshop in Tokyo in 1992. Since then, there have been congresses across the world with Sydney, Australia hosting the most recent event in November 2013.

Guiding policies for the WCRR

SPARK is happy to make the abstracts and papers from these conferences available to its users. Using the map below you can browse the papers from the various congresses; or view all papers.

1997 Florence
1999 Tokyo
2016 Milan
2001 Cologne
2003 Edinburgh
2006 Montreal
2008 Seoul
2011 Lille
2013 Sydney