Climate Change Adaptation

The rail industry needs to know how it will perform in the current and future climate to achieve: a highly reliable railway; increased capacity; value for money; a 'predict and prevent' ethos. Research into adapting the railway to climate change will support these aims by providing information on the likely effects of the climate on asset performance and safety, both infrastructure and rolling stock. Use this page to find weather and climate change materials within SPARK.

Tomorrow's Railway and Climate Change Adaptation

The RSSB funded research project T925 ‘Tomorrow’s Railway and Climate Change Adaptation’, published in 2011, provided information on the vulnerabilities of the GB railway to projected climate change. This study highlighted the significance of research and knowledge constraints affecting the understanding of the impacts of climate change, and the consequential affect on decisions for investment and management of the railway.

A significant further programme of research (T1009) is now under way to increase the weather and climate resilience of the GB railway. This new phase of research builds upon earlier work by implementing the identified programme of research. This project is key to the future of climate change adaptation and the GB railway.

 Project Organisations/Sponsors

Sponsored by TSLG
Project Leads:
RSSB supported by John Dora Consulting Ltd
Network Rail
Project Consortium led by Arup:
Beckford Consulting
British Geological Survey
University of Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education
Met Office
Construction Industry Research and Information Association
JBA Consulting
Transport Research Laboratory
University College London