How to use this User Guide

1 Introduction to SPARK

1.1 The Spirit of Sharing

1.1.1 The Benefits of Using SPARK

2 SPARK’s Key Functions

2.1 SPARK Accessibility

2.1.1 Guidelines and Standards

2.2 Visual Aids

2.2.1 Exceptions

2.2.2 Cookies

2.2.3 Contact information

2.3 Breaching Copyright Laws and Confidentiality Agreements

3 How To...

3.1 Access Materials from the Home Page

3.1.1 Access Latest Records

3.1.2 Access Your own Records

3.1.3 Access Records of Interest

3.2 Distinguish Content Types

3.3 Distinguish Visibility Levels

3.3.1 Share with Selected Users

3.4 Search SPARK

3.4.1 Filter a Record Set

3.4.2 Search using Quick Search

3.4.3 Search using Advanced Search

3.4.4 Search for Users

3.5 Add a Record

3.5.1 Completing Record Fields

3.6 Select Topics

3.7 Select Keywords

3.8 Select Objectives

3.9 Select Organisations

3.10 Set the Visibility level for your record

3.11 Add attachments and set visibility levels for them

3.11.1 Add an attachment (without Silverlight installed)

3.11.2 Add an attachment (with Silverlight installed)

3.11.3 Change the visibility level for an attachment

3.11.4 Delete an attachment

3.12 Link Records

3.13 Add Comments and Ratings


3.13.2 Ratings

3.14 Create and Manage Discussions

3.14.1 Add Discussions

3.14.2 Edit Discussions

3.14.3 Search Discussions

3.15 Personalise SPARK

3.15.1 Update Your User Profile

4 Administration and Moderation

5 FAQs

5.1 Why isn’t SPARK open for anyone to contribute?

5.2 What about providing the possibility for groups of SPARK users to cooperate more closely?

5.3 I do not know whether something has copyright restriction or not. What should I do?

5.4 What is the difference between browsing and searching? Which should I use?

5.5 What material should I put in SPARK? Could / should I put as many of my electronic documents as possible in SPARK?

5.6 Do I have to fill out all the fields to enter a record?

5.7 Why are there so many mandatory fields to be filled in?

5.8 To share a report with the findings from a research project should I create a ‘publication type’ record or a ‘research project type’ record?

5.9 A number of subtopics overlap. Which one should I choose?

5.10 Why there isn’t there more granularity in the subtopics, eg separation of different rolling stock types and/ or separation of the key rolling stock components?

5.11 Does SPARK check for duplicate records?

5.12 When should I try to establish relationships and link records?

5.13 Why are you devoting so much space on some of the adding record pages to the linking function?

5.14 Why can’t I make anonymous comments?

5.15 Is there the possibility to make a private comment?

5.16 How do I tell if I have Silverlight installed?

6 Appendix 1: Guidance on Topics and Subtopics