Become a SPARK contributor

There are two quick steps to becoming a SPARK contributor:

  1. Submit a form which gives information about who you are and what sort of information you would be prepared to share with the SPARK community. You have the possibility to provide supporting documents, such as your CV or a sample of the content you are envisaging contributing to SPARK.
  2. We will review your application and grant you with access to the contributor level if you meet the following criteria:
  • You have a genuine connection with the rail industry or a genuine potential connection
  • You demonstrate a genuine willingness to share on an ongoing basis material that would be of value to the SPARK community

Once you are granted contributor level access, you will be able to see all the material reserved for contributors.  In return we will expect you to actively engage with the SPARK community by sharing what you are working on, disseminating research findings, showcasing your areas of expertise and capabilities. You will also be able to rate and comment on others’ material and participate in discussions.

This is a great opportunity to raise your profile and ensure we all have the most up to date knowledge about what is going on in the world of railways, so we can collectively make the advances the industry needs and wants to make.

Note: RSSB may monitor the accounts of contributors to ensure they are meeting their side of the bargain and contributing material, and we reserve the right to block contributor level access. 

Please read the terms and conditions to ensure you understand Contributors’ obligations.

Corporate sharing

If you would like to apply for corporate level sharing (ie you will routinely supply information about your company’s projects in return for everyone at your company being granted contributor level access), please contact and we will be happy to discuss this with you.